Embracing change.


Mystery illness ?

womens-1838149_1920Anyone faced with a diagnosis of  “mystery illness” or “chronic illness” can be left feeling at a loss. This can happen in many ways, i.e. loss of your former “self”, loss of ability to engage in social and physical activities, or the general loss of being able to function as you did in your former life, at work and play. Your physical condition most likely wont live up to the dictates of the life you are now forced to leave behind.

There is a natural grieving that takes place, and a period of readjustment ,that can feel isolating and overwhelming at times. The important thing is to acknowledge these changes and make life work for you in your new circumstances. If you are one of the people suffering the enormity of a chronic illness, and the changes it demands, know it is possible to adjust, and find a new way of living that will most likely serve you better than your former life did.

It’s actually not a choice it is a necessity and can be a very creative process, done at your own pace.

My new life is a mere shadow of it’s former self and I love it. It is far healthier and serves my needs so much better. I would never be sitting here writing a blog if I hadn’t been faced with chronic illness. It has been the biggest learning curve of my life to date.

Acceptance, the first stage of healing.

jumping-2000244The first stage in healing is acceptanceAcceptance does not mean resignation or defeat, it means acknowledging the situation and finding ways to work with it in the best possible scenario.  Finding what works for you in the present, means being fully in the present, and taking a realistic approach  for yourself about your current situation.This also implies communicating your new needs to your family, friends and people around you. To assume one can continue life in the same manner as before, can be disheartening, frustrating and even depressing at times. It is also not realistic.  Embrace the new and don’t look back.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.”  ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

 Embracing “what is” and putting together your team.

smile in the grass editSo, how to embrace what is ? Be very honest about looking at what your current needs are. Rest times, support networks and adjusting social life. Set up “teams” both in the medical, wellness world and amongst friends and family. I have teams in the different places I’ve lived and visit for any length of time. I know if I am in Bali I have a whole team in place to help me. The same in Australia and other cities and places I’ve spent any amount of time in.

Build your team with right health practitioners, advisers and support people. Joining a support group, gentle exercise or meditations are all ways to help one adjust and feel supported. You may need help with household duties, food deliveries, a regular massage or more rest than usual.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What is needed is “positive” people who are informed, or at least willing to become informed, with your best interest at heart. By positive I do not mean a new age, rosy, everything is fine attitude, which is often in denial. I mean realistic and optimistic people who choose to find the best possible scenario in challenging situations. Optimism is an attitude worth cultivating.

When we come from a perspective of trust, then the healing modalities stand a much better chance of working Anita Moorjani


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