Addressing & healing trauma through natural therapies.

girl brave -843076.jpgIn my last article I made reference to PSTD and the fact many of us are carrying past trauma in our bodies. During the week I came across this article ( link below) ” Childhood trauma leads to lifelong illness”.  You will it find an interesting read if you are suffering from a chronic illness and searching for answers. Even if it doesn’t resonate with you now, it is definitely food for thought. I witnessed my mother suffer years of chronic illness and depression stemming from her early childhood trauma. I also see my own trauma and have discovered it lay dormant waiting for the opportunity to be noticed, addressed, and healed. There is definitely evidence of connection between emotional trauma and ill health, even if it is not the sole contributing factor to the illness. I would go further to say it is not only childhood trauma that can create discomfort in the body but any trauma from our lives. The mind body connection is undeniable and offers insights into how we may find keys to unlock our healing path when healing the body alone is not offering the results. The healing path can be long and arduous but it is not without it’s rewards and insights.

“It wasn’t until I was fifty-one-years old that a physician sat me down and asked me the most important question of my life – one that would lead me to better health than I’d had for decades: “Were there any childhood traumas or stressors that might have contributed to the extreme level of inflammation you’re experiencing as an adult?”  Childhood trauma leads to life long illness


There are a plethora of healing modalities and therapies available to assist on the path of healing from past trauma.

It’s always advisable to get recommendations  for  reputable therapists and speak to them first to make sure they are specialized in the area you want to address. The ones I have found that are most helpful are as follows.

Cranial sacral therapy which is a very gentle process dealing with with accumulated emotional and physical trauma in the body. I really like this therapy as it is incredibly subtle and at the same time deeply powerful. It is non invasive and requires little participation, depending on the therapist. Different therapists specialize in different areas of work so you need to find the right one for you.

Systemic Constellation also known as family constellation  Loosely translated works with family patterns and relationship traumas and difficulties. I’ve witnessed a lot of people find resolution and healing relating to traumatic issues in their lives from this work. I have done several workshops in two  different countries as well as private sessions and experienced it to be very useful and helpful in providing  me with a self discovered understanding that I previously didn’t have.

Somatic experience (SE) therapy and movement is another gentle and direct method to deal with trauma both emotion and physical. I am relatively new new to this work having done only a few sessions of both movement and one on one counseling. I fully appreciate the way it is not dictated to by the “story” of what’s happened but more about the imprint and effect it has left on you. I was amazed at what images  and sensations arose during a private session, some dating back to my childhood. Incidents, I thought, were long forgotten, but were still stored in my body and memory. The resolution was non invasive and very supportive. The movement classes were incredibly beneficial for pain I suffer from with Fibromyalgia.

Kinesiology  “The fundamental belief of Kinesiology  is that the body has innate healing energy to heal itself , but sometimes needs assistance to achieve this state. Essentially, Kinesiology as used in the complementary health or natural medicine field, is defined primarily as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional or other energy, to establish the body’s priority healing needs, and to evaluate energy changes brought about by a broad spectrum of both manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures”. info via Kenesiology Connection ( link above)

Re-birthing- breath work, CBT- Cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, are other therapies that can be useful for dealing with trauma. I personally feel when one is dealing with pain and illness the less invasive options are more appropriate but that is an individual choice.


In conclusion I wholeheartedly encourage anyone on the path to healing to embrace all aspects of being in this body and being human. Mind, body & spirit are inseparable elements of healing.

Suggested reading .  “ When the body says no” by Gabor Mate MD. “The Divided Mind” by John E Sarno MD

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